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Kluth and Causton are the dynamic duo of co-teaching! They provide an enjoyable path to more effective co-teaching through quality content, practical application and good humor written in a friendly style sure to get your creative juices flowing. They accomplish all this in a way that suits the busy schedules of teachers — literally 30 digestible, action-oriented steps in 30 days.

Michael F. Giangreco, Ph.D.
University of Vermont

Looking for practical, but also really fun, strategies to kick-start your co-teaching relationship? If so,this book is absolutely for you. Paula and Julie’s creative, enthusiastic, can-do spirit is guaranteed to inspire and motivate you, while also giving you real-world ideas and strategies that you can implement right away! This is an amazingly comprehensive book – and it’s a real joy to read!

Jen Kurth, Ph.D.
Kansas University

This “go-to guide” for co-teaching will change the course of learning for students. Causton and Kluth’s humor and practicality make co-teaching seem so easy. [We are] thrilled to have this resource for our teachers.

Lisa W. Knowles & Marcia Ranieri
District Administrators
Guilderland Central School District

Kluth and Causton have combined efforts to come up with a magnificent guide to support relationships in co-teaching! They use their clever wit and charm to make this educational book a fun read. This is a great resource for all co-teaching teams.

Mike Desparrois
Coordinator of Special Populations
Region 18 Education Service Center

A MUST READ for those who want to work smarter! [Their] practical tips and strategies will guide you in creating equitable, inclusive and collaborative learning environments with your co-teaching partner!

Jodi Goodrick
Associate Superintendent of Student Services
Red Deer Public Schools

The authors’ experience in classroom practice is evident and their enthusiasm for co-teaching is presented with joy and humor. A must read for all co-teaching teams!

Leela George, Ed.D.
Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction
Auburn School District

Kluth and Causton’s book is an incredible resource for new and established teams. There is a strong undertone of inclusion throughout, with realistic terms and expectations for supporting adults and students. It’s what we have been looking for; the honest and sometimes humorous portrayal of one of the most important partnerships in education is refreshing.

Sara Stone
Co-Founder & Co-Director
Community Roots Charter School

Wow! This book is the whole “kit and caboodle” – a package wrapped with a bow [filled with] great teaching advice, strategies and humor to boot! This is an incredible resource, not only for the purposes of inclusive education but also for best practices in teaching period. This information would benefit any educator or administrator; these are the best practices that need to be incorporated into the learning environment for any initiative to improve student achievement for all. [Participants in] any building or district initiative that is dependent upon collaborative strategies (e.g., Professional Learning Communities, Response to Intervention, Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports, APPR demands) would benefit from the knowledge within this book. 

Dawn Wilczynski
Assistant Superintendent for Instruction
North Syracuse Central School District